Opportunities that the global energy transition presents to South Africa

According to climate watch as cited in Ritchie, (2020), indicates that the world emits around 50 Billion tonnes of greenhouse gases each year measured in carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2eq). A global overview of the greenhouse gas emissions in 2018 by percentage contributing to the acceleration of climate change, reveals carbon dioxide as the largest emitted […]


The South African gold mining sector has for decades since its record production highs of 1970s seen declines in output. The period in question has seen gold production decline from historical highs of 1000 tonnes(t) of gold annually to only 118.2 tonnes in 2019, which translates to an averaged compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of […]

The state of Manganese mining sector in South Africa

Statistics of Manganese ore producing nations as of 2019 by International Manganese Institute (IMni), reveals South Africa as the top producer with 33% of the world’s Manganese ore production followed by Australia with less than half the production as shown in figure 1. These translates to a total 17 Million tonnes(mt) produced by South Africa […]